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  1. 7199


    This is really powerful weed a bit harsh but good !!!!

  2. 6774

    Bree Stegman

    relaxing and a bit hypnotic trancy, for the well explored mind, and decent pain control at the end of the night before bed

  3. 6780

    Bree Stegman

    Great tasting sauce, is a bit zippy for a hybrid, always pure clean brand and great service as always from Weedcargo

  4. 6776

    Bree Stegman

    Grassclipping taste with some sweetness great for pain and uplifting mood a sativa I can candle

  5. 6122



  6. 2597

    Lee Marlowe

    Great purple for the price! Taste and nose are very grape flavoured. Beautiful large and medium buds, had a couple around 5g. Great price for value!

  7. 7199

    Lee Marlowe

    Smell and taste are spot on what you want from this strain. Small and some medium buds mostly for my oz, but little stem and leaf. Smokes like a strong indica, bit of tickle in the throat and hits hard right away.

  8. 7493

    Lee Marlowe

    Great example of this strain! Strong sugar and vanilla nose, dense and beautiful color and bud structure. Smooth smoke and a strong high!

  9. 2983

    Louis-Martin Dion

    Really good taste. Great high.

  10. 6581

    Louis-Martin Dion

    Really great product, I really enjoyed my after-work afternoon with this incredible edible trip!

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